Self-paced XML training

Ebook—Digital publishing with XML

Book cover of Digital publishing with XMLThis ebook provides an introduction to extensible markup language (XML) for single-source digital publishing. Written in an easy-to-understand style, it introduces basic concepts of structured authoring and XML markup. Users are taken through a series of practical exercises using free XML editor and processor software, which show how to apply tagging, style text and compile a book from separate files.

Topics include:

  • unstructured and structured authoring
  • single-source XML workflows
  • XML technologies and markup languages
  • formatting text (computer code, graphics, hyperlinks, emphasis)
  • formatting lists and tables
  • compiling a book
  • producing web pages
  • introduction to stylesheets.

Download the ebook in PDF (6.0 Mb) or EPUB 2.0 (4.3 Mb) formats. [Note: The exercises in this book are designed for Windows PC users. However, the software used for the exercises is available for both Windows and Mac OSX. Xmplar cannot provide support for any issues regarding your particular operating system.]






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