Web pages features

Features for formatting components and functionality of web pages

Display graphics for web pages features

The stylesheet w0-webdocbookmaster has features and instructions to set up the functionality of web ebooks. The formats that can be set in the stylesheet are:

XML markup to edit

Change the abbreviation for the ebook format. The stylesheet feature at w0-60 is an abbreviation or name that selects a specific image in each <imageobject> element only for output to web pages. You specify the name in a role attribute. For example:
<imageobject role="web">
The image that is contained inside this particular <imageobject> element will appear only in web pages output. The name that you specify in the stylesheet must match the abbreviation you use in XML files. You can change the name to any text, such as "online", but you need to use the same name in both the stylesheet and XML files.

Index naming. Read the section about adding an ID name to the <index> element.

Stylesheet settings to edit

The relevant Stylesheet Guide page to set up web page formats is web-master.svg.