Unzipping cop-e-boox

How to unzip and install the cop-e-boox zipped folder

Before installing the cop-e-boox zipped folder, you need to create a directory on your computer where you can keep a master version of all cop-e-boox files.

  1. In a web browser go to the URL: www.xmplar.biz/copeboox.html.
  2. Download the zipped file cop-e-boox.zip (38Mb) to a temporary location on your computer's file system (e.g. Desktop).
  3. Unzip the folder cop-e-boox.zip and extract all files to a directory that you have read and write access to. This will create a new directory /copeboox-master, which contains all components of cop-e-boox.
  4. In your computer system's file manager, open the directory /copeboox-master.
  5. In a web browser open the file start-here-for-everything.html. That file has an overview of all components of cop-e-boox.