Setting up typesetting software

How to configure your typesetting software to work with cop-e-boox stylesheets

  1. Using your operating system's file manager, go to the directory /gui.
  2. Open the file how-to-use.svg in a browser and read the general instructions for using the cop-e-boox stylesheets.
  3. Open the file typesetting-setup.svg in a browser. This has instructions to select your typesetting software in the PDF stylesheet p0-pdfdocbookmaster.xsl.
  4. Start your XML editor.
  5. In the XML editor, open the stylesheet p0-pdfdocbookmaster.xsl, which is in the directory /copeboox-master/xml/stylesheets/pdf_stylesheets.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the stylesheet and choose your typesetting software from the list of typesetting packages.
  7. Type "1" next to your typesetting software. The number is just before the tag </xsl:param>.
  8. Make sure that all other numbers in the list of typesetting software are set to "0". Otherwise, when you try to produce a PDF, the typesetting process will not produce any output.
  9. You have finished configuring cop-e-boox to work with your typesetting software. Close the stylesheet p0-pdfdocbookmaster.xsl.