Software requirements

Software needed to set up single-source desktop publishing

When you have finished working through the ebook Digital publishing with XML: Concepts for editors you are ready to obtain desktop publishing software. There are two types of software you need to obtain for a basic publishing setup:

You do not need a content management system (CMS) for a basic desktop setup. However, you should check that XML editing software supports an XML technology called XInclude. This lets you hyperlink to (or include) chapters and other book components to compile a complete book document.

A list of XML editors and FO processors is at xmleditoz website. Make sure you check each software vendor's website for the computing and operating system requirements, so that you choose software suitable for your needs. As a guide to a suitable publishing setup, cop-e-boox was developed using oXygen XML editor and RenderX XEP typesetting software.

For general information about XML editing and typesetting software, and the various parsers and processors that are needed to work with XML editing software, please contact Xmplar. A technical paper presenting an overview of XML publishing technologies and software is available upon request from Xmplar.