Section headings

Features to format section headings (prefix, label number and title)

Display graphics for section headings

The stylesheet p8-sectiontitles.xsl has all features and instructions to set up text styles for section headings. Section headings are marked up nested immediately within <chapter> elements. The section heading details that can be set in the stylesheet for each level are:

XML markup to edit

You can mark up section headings with one of two types of XML tags:
  • <sect1> (first-level heading), <sect2> (second-level heading), <sect3> (third-level heading), <sect4> (fourth-level heading) and <sect5> (fifth-level heading)
  • <section> element—this element can be used for all levels of headings (i.e. first-level through to fifth-level headings). A disadvantage is that you cannot use the maximum section levels in book, part and chapter TOCs (i.e. "maximum section levels" as shown in PDF-booktoc.svg, PDF-parttitlepage.svg and PDF-chaptitlepage.svg).

The following diagram shows how section levels are nested using either type of section element.

Boxes showing how sect and section elements are nested inside each other

Stylesheet settings to edit

The relevant Stylesheet Guide page to set up section headings is PDF-sectheadings.svg.