Part title page

Text features for book part pages

Display graphics for part title page

The stylesheet p6-parttitlepage.xsl has all features and instructions to set up text styles for all part title pages. The part title page details that can be set in the stylesheet are:

XML markup to edit

Part title pages are marked up using the <part> element, which is nested immediately inside the <book> element.

Inside the <part> element you can optionally add a <partintro> element, and inside this is nested an <info> element to contain part author names.

Add author names to the part page. The names of authors on a part title page must be nested inside the <info> element. Follow this example for nested elements in XML:
	  <title>Part 1 title</title>
	  <titleabbrev>Part 1 abbrevtitle</titleabbrev>
	  <subtitle>The part subtitle goes here...</subtitle>
	    <title>Part introduction title goes here (optional)...</title>
	    <subtitle>Part introduction subtitle goes here (optional)</subtitle>
					<contrib>Senior Researcher</contrib>
					<contrib>Junior bottlewasher</contrib>

Change section levels in part TOC. You can change the number of section levels displayed in the table of contents for a part page at stylesheet feature p6-485. You must use <sect1>, <sect2> etc. tags for all section headings in XML files (not <section> tags).

Stylesheet settings to edit

The relevant Stylesheet Guide page to set up preface page styles is PDF-parttitlepage.svg.