Setting up pages

Features to set up the format of pages and columns

Display graphics for page setup

For each new book, you need to set up page layout features in the stylesheet p1-pagesetup.xsl. Page setup covers the features:

XML markup to edit

Column balancing. When producing pages with two or more columns, you have the option to balance the bottom margin of columns on the last page of each chapter. This approximately aligns the ends of columns across the last page of text for each chapter. The following diagram shows a two-column page layout before and after column balancing.

Layout of paragraphs on a page before then after using the column balancing feature
To add column balancing at the end of each chapter, add the following XML markup immediately before the closing </chapter> tag:
XML markup Description
<simplesect condition="endofpage"> </simplesect> This sets the column balancing at the end of each chapter.
Note: Do not put any text inside the <simplesect> element.

Stylesheet settings to edit

The relevant Stylesheet Guide page to set up page layout is page-setup.svg.