EPUB metadata elements that are generated by stylesheets

Cop-e-boox can produce metadata for the Dublin Core metadata schema, from information that you enter inside XML tags using specific elements and attributes. These metadata are generated for EPUB 3.0 ebooks (in the package.opf file) and HTML5 web pages (in the <head> element).

Metadata is information about the book that can be used for marketing and distribution purposes by book publishers. Some metadata elements are mandatory to ensure that ebooks meet basic international standards to help identify ebooks available through the internet. For ebooks that are made available on the internet, metadata information contained in ebook web pages can be searched by internet search websites. This allows ebooks to be found by users looking for particular search terms, which makes metadata important for internet search engine optimisation (SEO).

XML markup to edit

You can enter various metadata information in XML elements and attributes so that when EPUB ebooks and web pages are produced, search terms can be found inside the relevant XML or HTML coding of the ebook.

The following table lists the Dublin Core metadata elements and the XML tagging that generates those metadata elements in output XML and HTML files.

Dublin Core metadata element XML tagging (inside <book> element) Description
dcterms:contributor <book> <info> <authorgroup> <othercredit> <personname>xxx </personname> </othercredit> </authorgroup> Contributor's name
<book> <info> <authorgroup> <editor> <personname>xxx </personname> </editor> </authorgroup>
dcterms:coverage <book> <info> <bibliocoverage> xxx </bibliocoverage> The geographic coverage of the book
dcterms:creator <book> <info> <authorgroup> <author> <firstname> <surname> xxx </surname> </firstname> </author> </authorgroup> Author's name
<book> <info> <authorgroup> <author> <orgname>Organisational author name </orgname> <orgdiv>Organisational division </orgdiv> <address>Address of organisational author </address> </author> </authorgroup> Organisational author's name | Organisational division | Address
dcterms:date <book> <info> <copyright> <year> 2013</year> </copyright> Date of the book.
Note: A four-digit year for the dc:date element might need to be edited to add month and day to conform to the ISO 8601 standard (YYYY-MM-DD) and to pass ebook metadata validation. Read the common problems page for more details.
dcterms:description <book> <info> <abstract> xxx </abstract> Description or abstract of the book
dcterms:format <book> <info> <bibliomisc role="format"> xxx </bibliomisc> Format of the book
Note: If there is more than one identifier in the XML, only the first identifier is generated in the metadata. (There can be only one unique identifier in the metadata.)
<book> <info> <biblioid class="isbn"> xxx </biblioid> International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
<book> <info> <biblioid class="doi"> xxx </biblioid> Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
<book> <info> <biblioid class="issn"> xxx </biblioid> International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
<book> <info> <biblioid class="uri"> xxx </biblioid> Web address (Uniform Resource Identifier)
<book> <info> <biblioid class="libraryofcongress"> Library of Congress number
dcterms:language <book xml:lang="en"> A valid RFC 5646 language code, for example: en | en-AU
dcterms:publisher <book> <info> <publisher> <publishername> xxx </publishername> <address> xxx </address> </publisher> Publisher's name | Publisher's address
dcterms:relation <book> <info> <bibliorelation> xxx </bibliorelation> A resource related to the book (e.g. supplementary material)
dcterms:rights <book> <info> <copyright> <holder> xxx </holder> </copyright> Copyright holder's name
dcterms:source <book> <info> <bibliosource> xxx </bibliosource> Information about a resource from which the book is derived
dcterms:subject <book> <info> <subjectset> <subject> <subjectterm> xxx </subjectterm> </subject> </subjectset> Topic of the book
<book> <info> <keywordset> <keyword> xxx </keyword> </keywordset>
dcterms:title <book> <info> <title> xxx</title> Title of the book
dcterms:type <book> <info> <bibliomisc role="type"> xxx</bibliomisc> A value for the "type" property

Stylesheet settings to edit

There are no stylesheet settings to edit for metadata.