Change the order of book LOTs

Markup to change where the book's list of titles is positioned

You can change the order of the book LOTs in the preliminary matter pages. Normally, the book LOTs occur immediately after the book TOC, but there is the option of inserting preface pages between the book TOC and LOTs. The book LOTs are generated automatically from <title> elements, so XML markup is needed to specify where the LOT appears in the output PDF.

XML markup to edit

The preliminary matter pages (e.g. executive summary, preface, foreword, acknowledgments) are all marked up in separate XML files using the <preface> element. To position a specific <preface> page between the TOC and LOTs—that is, after the TOC but before the LOTs—use the following markup:
XML markup Value
<preface role="beforelot"> This puts the XML file between the TOC and LOTs

The following diagram illustrates how the preliminary matter pages are positioned using the above XML markup. Diagram showing preface marked up with role equals beforelot between table of contents and list of titles

Stylesheet settings to edit

There are no stylesheet settings to edit to change the position of the book LOTs.