List of titles (LOT)

Formats and text styles for the book's list of titles (figures, tables, examples, equations)

Display graphics for book list of titles

The book list of titles (LOT) page(s) contains links to all formal objects (figures, tables, examples and equations). The stylesheet p5-prelims.xsl has all features and instructions to set up text styles for the book LOT page(s). The book LOT details that can be set in the stylesheet are:

XML markup to edit

The book LOTs are generated automatically when XML content is transformed (typeset) to ebook formats. The LOT entries are created from <title> elements in all formal objects. No other XML markup is needed to create the LOTs.

XML markup is needed to change the order of the book LOTs in the preliminary matter pages.

Stylesheet settings to edit

The relevant Stylesheet Guide page to set up TOC page styles is PDF-booklot.svg.