Prerequisite knowledge

Required reading to learn about XML publishing concepts

Cop-e-boox is suitable for experienced editors and publishers who have general knowledge of desktop publishing, and who wish to learn the concepts of structured single-source digital publishing. It is highly desirable that you have some experience in conventional desktop publishing or page layout software to understand the terms used in cop-e-boox. This also includes having a basic understanding or working knowledge of web page design, cascading stylesheets (CSS) and EPUB file structures.

Cop-e-boox does not teach you specific skills in print and web publishing, although you can use cop-e-boox stylesheets to create ebooks while you are referring to learning material from other sources.

To understand general concepts and how to use XML for desktop publishing, you should first work through the ebook Digital publishing with XML: Concepts for editors. This is written especially for editors and publishers, and provides an introduction to the concepts of XML tagging including a description of typical terms used in this type of publishing. The ebook contains exercises that use free XML editing software and typesetting software, and takes you from a familiar word processing environment to structured XML tagging.

You can download the free ebook in PDF or EPUB 2.0 formats from

There is also a one-day workshop available that uses cop-e-boox and covers practical editing topics using a commercial XML editor. Please contact Xmplar for enquiries.