Welcome to the User's Guide of cop-e-boox v 0.2.

Cop-e-boox is a bundle of customised stylesheets to produce ebook formats from structured XML files. It is an open-source package for structured single-source publishing, which lets you set up document styles to produce PDF, EPUB 3.0 and HTML5 (web page) ebook formats. You can think of cop-e-boox as a typesetting package for XML content that allows you to easily set up page layout and document structure, and change text and graphics styles. Cop-e-boox is designed as an entry-level starter kit for single-source desktop publishing and aims to provide a learning tool as an introduction to the technologies used for digital publishing with XML.

Cop-e-boox is not a standalone product. The cop-e-boox stylesheets need to be used with both XML editing and typesetting software. At a minimum, you need an XML editor and an "FO processor", or rendering software, for typesetting PDF.

The stylesheets in cop-e-boox are based on the DocBook 5.0 XML schema. This is a recommended XML markup language to produce book-like documents with conventional structure. Cop-e-boox does not include the DocBook schema files; it is assumed that the XML editing software you obtain supports (or comes bundled with) the DocBook 5.0 schema files. Cop-e-boox does, though, come bundled with the most current DocBook stylesheets (v 1.78.1 as at November 2013).

Xmplar provide technical support regarding the implementation, use and development of cop-e-boox. If you use cop-e-boox in a production environment, then Xmplar are available to customise your stylesheets and add more specific features for your particular publishing needs. Xmplar are Australian editing and publishing professionals based in Sydney, and can be contacted at or through