Generated text (gentext)

Generated text that is created in various components of a book

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"Gentext" is the short form for "generated text". It refers to text that is automatically inserted by stylesheets when you produce any ebook format with typesetting software. Gentext covers text such as:

Using gentext in various places throughout a book can save time in writing and editing, because a user only needs to set the prefix text once in the gentext stylesheet, and that text is automatically applied in the correct places throughout an ebook.

The stylesheet c5-gentextcommon.xsl is where you set the gentext that applies to PDF, EPUB and web pages. Features are grouped under the main sections of gentext for:

XML markup to edit

There is no specific XML markup to edit for gentext.

Stylesheet settings to edit

To change how gentext appears in ebooks, you must type the required text at each feature in the stylesheet c5-gentextcommon.xsl. The required text is located inside the quotation marks after the text attribute.

For example, the feature c5-35 has gentext for the title of a bibliography book component:
        <l:gentext key="bibliography" text="Bibliography"/>
If you want the title of that book component to be called "References" instead, then you need to type that as the value of the text attribute:
        <l:gentext key="bibliography" text="References"/>
Note: The value of the key attribute in all gentext features matches up with coding in the stylesheets, so you must never change the key value.

The relevant Stylesheet Guide page to set up chapter title pages is gentextcommon.svg.