Common styles

Overview of style features that are common to all ebook formats

The stylesheet c1-commonstyles.xsl contains features that apply to PDF, EPUB and web pages. The features that can be set in the stylesheet are:

XML markup to edit

Bibliography format. There are some features in the stylesheet to set up formatting of a bibliography that also require XML markup. Please refer to the bibliography section of this User's Guide.

Hyperlinks that break across two lines of text. If you have very long web addresses in body text, then cop-e-boox will automatically break the web address and continue it onto the next line of text for PDF output. The break occurs after punctuation in a web address. This includes any of the following symbols, dashes and punctuation:
Note: The automatic break only works when you:
  • use a link element with the web address put only inside a xlink:href attribute
  • do not put the web address in the link element—it must be empty. The web address is generated from the xlink:href attribute instead.

Stylesheet settings to edit

At each feature (identified by the xml:id number) in the stylesheet c1-commonstyles.xsl there are instructions for setting styles, and cross-references to the relevant Stylesheet Guide page.