Features for styling and formatting appendices

Display graphics for appendix

The <appendix> element is used in the end matter for more detailed information or supplementary material that is not easily presented in chapters. You can use the same XML markup and structure for text formats in an <appendix> element as you can in a <chapter> element. This includes adding sections, sidebars, tables and graphics as you would do in chapters. The stylesheet p14-endmatter.xsl has all features and instructions to set up styles for appendices. The appendix formats that can be set in the stylesheet are:

XML markup to edit

Appendix labels. Set the type of label number or letter for all appendices at stylesheet feature p14-35. If you need to use a different type of labelling, then specify the label number in the XML <appendix> component as a value for the attribute "label", as shown in the following example:
<appendix label="A-1">

Stylesheet settings to edit

The relevant Stylesheet Guide page to set up title formats for appendices is PDF-appendix.svg. For general text formats that you can use in appendices, also see PDF-textformats.svg.