Dave Gardiner

Dave is the principal of Xmplar, and has been a qualified professional editor since obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing from the University of Southern Queensland in 2006. He is currently studying the tekom first-level certificate in technical communication.

Clients include:

Australian National University
Department of Climate Change
Environmental Protection Authority, Queensland
National Water Commission
University of Copenhagen

Memberships: Society for Technical Communication (STC), Australian Society for Technical Communication (NSW), Canberra Society of Editors.

Web development: XSLT, XSL-FO and CSS style sheet development, XML-based production of WebHelp technical documentation (DocBook and DITA), SVG design for interactive visual documents, HTML editing.

Specializations: Development of scalable vector graphics interactive documentation. Design of XML-based ebook production stylesheets (cop-e-boox). Redrawing of figures, charts and maps using Adobe Illustrator. Scientific and technical document editing and desktop publishing of books and reports.

Professional contracts:

Stylesheet content development (SVG, WebHelp, XSLT, XSL-FO) 2012–2014.
Print/ebook/online production editor (legal texts) 2008–2014.
Technical editor (environmental report illustration/editing) 2011–2012.
Scientific editor (environmental book illustration/editing) 2008–2010.
Writer/editor (academic research reports) 2008.
Web portal writer/editor (news writing, web page & photo design) 2007.


"Create visual documents with scalable vector graphics", Southern Communicator, February 2014
"Generating links in e-books", The Canberra Editor, November 2013
"Markup languages for ebooks", The Canberra Editor, July 2013
"From XML to other markup languages", The Canberra Editor, May 2013
"XML markup: Formatting text and lists", The Canberra Editor, March 2013
Digital publishing with XML: Concepts for editors (EPUB ebook) 2012
"XML document structure", The Canberra Editor, October 2012
"XML markup: From Word to XML to PDF", The Canberra Editor, August 2012
"What is XML anyway?", The Canberra Editor, June 2012
"Single-source workflow: How does XML compare with conventional publishing?", The Canberra Editor, April 2012
"Digital publishing: Where does XML fit in?", The Canberra Editor, February 2012
"Some data will be lost: Why XML publishing will need good editors", The Canberra Editor, November 2011
"Discovering XML for editing", The Canberra Editor, May 2010

Training delivered:

Picture this: Scalable vector graphics for user interface design (Conference presentation), Australian Society for Technical Communication (NSW), October 2013
Picture this: Scalable vector graphics for user interface design (Seminar), Australian Society for Technical Communication (NSW), July 2013
XML for editors (Half-day workshop) IPEd national editors conference, Perth, April 2013
Mastering markup (PDF): XML for editors (One-day workshop) Canberra Society of Editors, September 2012
Embedded indexing with XML (Joint presentation) Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers, July 2012




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