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We can help you prepare procedural technical documents for the web. We have set up technical writing procedures in-house and developed style guides and processes for producing documents using single-source authoring. Services can include setting a style for your documents to suit your users—we clarify technical jargon, explain concepts more clearly and set out procedures succinctly.

Our experience has been in developing documentation for desktop and mobile apps, and we have been in agile software teams to create an information architecture to structure online help, writing user guides for non-technical users, capturing screenshots, adding procedural videos into the help, technical reference information for advanced users, interactive workflow diagrams to access help topics and error messages. We are familiar with the Microsoft Manual of Style and other published style guides, to use as a starting point to set up the terms and writing style for your documentation.


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With our approach to editing, you are assured of consistency in spelling and grammar, terminology and cultural sensitivities to suit your readers. We will follow your preferred style for documents or will recommend a publishing style guide. Whether you require a quick proofread or a substantive edit with fact checking and verification of references, we will provide sound advice to craft your work into a readable document. Our work extends to project management of technical and scientific documents, where we can obtain copyright permissions to reproduce material and graphics on your behalf.

We can also reproduce high-resolution technical illustrations, charts and maps by redrawing from low-quality originals. Our services cover editing of vector and raster graphics. Graphic redesign progresses through several stages, including liaising with copyright holders to obtain press-quality figures, redrawing of graphics to match text styles and colours, obtaining vector maps, and retouching images (photo filtering and sharpening, resizing, modifying colour space file formatting).


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With our customised graphics design software and access to professional Australian-based technical translators, we can produce multilingual technical videos for your online documentation. Procedural videos help to create engaging online documentation, and our expertise in graphics design means we can produce videos for your global audience. And it works for mobile and desktop apps.

Steps are included as callout numbers in screen-capture videos without commentary. Procedures are added either beside or below the video, depending on your document's format. You no longer need to create multiple translations of your videos—just one video with translated steps is all you need to reach your worldwide markets.

Compatible with HTML5 documents, you can easily add our multilingual video products to your web documentation. You can select different fonts for each language displayed, for localisation of content. With our multilingual video solution you can even display right-to-left languages. Language codes are added to the translated procedures and displayed in web browsers. Users can either select their preferred language in browser settings or click a language on-screen.


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Using scalable vector graphics, we can design interactive interfaces for visual-first mobile and web documents. We help to conceptualise diagrams and infographics to visualise your product's concepts and tasks, and create visualised help with icons and illustrations that hyperlink to topics.

Imagine visual documentation where pictures can replace words. Icons, symbols and interactive graphics in web content. Point and click on pictures to navigate through technical documents. Zoom in to see more detail. Hover over charts and diagrams to get popup tooltips. Or open up new browser windows for more information.

Scalable vector graphics is a high-quality graphics format that makes for a great user experience because visuals are the first thing users read and remember. It works on desktops and tablets, and it's a W3C standard that integrates with HTML5 and CSS 3.