Redrawing and editing complex illustrations

Illustrator and Photoshop

If you need low-resolution screenshots redrawn as high-quality line illustrations, our services cover editing of vector and raster graphics—figures, maps, charts, graphs and photos. This service is ideal for clients who need to reproduce press-quality graphics for print and web.

Graphics editing with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop progresses through several stages as we reproduce figures:

  • liaise with copyright holders to obtain, where practicable, press-quality figures for the client's document
  • if high-resolution graphics cannot be obtained—or because a publication deadline is looming—redraw graphics with the same, or similar, text styles and colours as the original
  • download vector-based maps for scientific illustration
  • obtain copyright permissions on behalf of the client
  • compile figures and images—overlay graphics and text on layers
  • retouch images—stitching scanned images, photo filtering and sharpening, resizing, modifying colour space
  • file formatting for print, EPUB and web media.


Redrawn illustrations are produced as vector formats—Adobe Illustrator (AI) and scalable vector graphics (SVG).

If you need hyperlinked infographics, then SVG is an ideal format. You can add hyperlinks to any text or graphic in SVG to link to web pages, videos or other infographics.

We can also reproduce illustrations as web images—PNG, GIF or JPEG. This is useful for users who have older browsers that don't support SVG.


example of redrawn map



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