Accessible PDF document design and production—cop-e-boox

Stylish documents

PDF page design 1We have worked hard to develop the production of PDF documents from XML—and are proud to now offer PDF documents with moderate complexity in design.

With a wide range of fonts, colours and borders achievable for text, tables and graphics, using cop-e-boox you can produce documents that match your branding—so you get stylish-looking, readable documents. The production of complex document structures can include any combination of:

  • title page
  • imprint page
  • automatically generated table of contents, and lists of figures, tables and boxes
  • acknowledgements, preface and other preliminary matter
  • chapters (optional chapter table of contents)—multi-column with running headers and footers, and section-level headings
  • appendices
  • glossary and acronyms
  • reference list
  • index (two-column).

PDF page design 2A wide range of page layouts is possible—like True Type and Open Type fonts, bulleted (symbolized) and numbered lists, table layouts (borders and background colours), chapter and section heading styles (borders and background colours), and sidebars (e.g. pull quotes).

Graphical and textual element styles

When you install cop-e-boox, you'll be able to see what's possible with XML design.

Title page

  • title and subtitle
  • names of authors, contributors and editor (horizontal or vertical style)
  • publisher's logo.

Chapter and section headings

  • title and subtitle (horizontal or vertical style)—different styles for chapter label and title
  • section headings with/without numbered labels (any borders, text colours, background colours, fonts)
  • options to modify spacing after section headings.

PDF page design 3Figures

  • different styles for figure label and title
  • title above or below figure
  • option to increase leading after figure
  • optional borders and background colours.


  • text is left-justified to avoid whitespace between words
  • different borders (for table frame and cell borders)
  • background colours
  • shading of alternate rows
  • footnotes.


  • 16 symbols for bulleted lists
  • options to set indent and spacing after symbols
  • modify symbol colours
  • option of a "compact" list
  • no indenting for lists inside tables.

Body text

  • combinations of Open Type and True Type fonts
  • one-column or two-column layout for body text and index
  • text is aligned left-justified or full-justified
  • line breaking is added to allow hyperlinks to flow across two lines of text
  • option to turn on/off hyphenation
  • options to modify leading and spacing between paragraphs.

PDF formatting

Standard document features include:

  • hyperlinked table of contents, and lists of figures, tables and boxes
  • links within text to websites, figures, tables and reference list entries
  • alternate text for figures and tables (accessibility requirement)
  • optional settings for initial view (bookmarks/thumbnails/full page) and initial zoom
  • optional password settings for document owner and users
  • options to set user privileges (annotate, copy, modify, print).


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