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WebHelp mobile and desktop authoring with DITA

Screenshot of WebHelp documentProduce visual-first, mobile-first documents with hyperlinked infographics—ideal for reformatting written concepts, tasks and references into engaging visualizations.

Technical communicators benefit from our expertise in designing markup for SVG hypergraphics that integrate with WebHelp and WebHelp mobile document formats.

Put high-quality vector graphics in your documents with our redrawing service. We have experience in redrawing illustrations, figures, charts and maps to print and web publication quality with Adobe Illustrator—especially scientific and technical documents.

Our standard design of graphics focuses on quality SVG markup for browsers and print documents:

  • reusable and customizable graphics in separate layers
  • text in illustrations grouped together for easy searchability
  • coding added for translation/localization to change browser language
  • ID values, alternate text, CSS class names and hyperlink anchor elements added to graphics for improved usability.

Your documentation can be formatted as visual-first vector graphics that link to HTML 5 (great for mobile-first production), or text-first help that links to hypergraphics. We use oXygen XML Author to integrate SVG into DITA markup for web documentation. Hypergraphics can be added to HTML pages and displayed in browsers just like web pages for a good user experience (UX).

Your help documents can be more usable with:

  • hypergraphics integrated with custom cascading style sheet (CSS 3) styles for "mouse over" events, drop shadows and highlighting effects
  • JavaScript libraries and functions to control zoom/pan and popup tooltips for improved usability of infographics
  • HTML "redirect" files to display SVG infographics—view help documents offline or as web apps on mobile devices
  • visual-first interfaces that hyperlink to HTML files
  • fallback raster images (PNG, GIF) for older browsers that don't support SVG.

Ask us for a demo today and also check out our resources website. Also look at sample WebHelp desktop and WebHelp mobile documents with hypergraphics.

DocBook authoring

DocBook markupYou can produce hyperlinked PDF, EPUB 3 and HTML 5 compliant web documents using our custom stylesheet product, cop-e-boox, with the latest version of DocBook stylesheets. Users can download cop-e-boox and through self-paced training learn how to use XML for ebook production.

And we can help you produce ebook formats with cop-e-boox by adding new document styles (customizing stylesheets) for your desktop publishing.

DocBook is an XML schema (language) that has been under development since 1991. It is used by publishers around the world as a preferred schema for single-source publishing of books and technical documents. The XML elements of DocBook are terms familiar to authors, editors and publishers—such as book, chapter, glossary, index, bibliography, title, caption, section and paragraph.



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