Interactive visual documents with XML

Stylus and tablet with infographicsXmplar provides services in designing hyperlinked infographics, web documents and XML authoring.

  • DITA and DocBook for document and ebook production
  • Custom hypergraphics design for web and mobile technical documentation
  • Redrawing vector illustrations and figures for publications
  • Training in XML for document production and publishing

Customized hypergraphics for web & mobile documents

SVG hypergraphics resourcesVisual document design. Xmplar now offers design of web documents and graphical user interfaces for technical documentation using scalable vector graphics (SVG). It's an XML format that lets you display high-quality graphics for web or print documents. And it's interactive. We work with you to visualize document structure and design "quick link" icons, and add hyperlinking from infographics to various parts of your documentation.

Publishing production

copeboox xml stylesheetsWe offer quality production with XML technologies—properly edited, properly designed, properly managed. You can download and use cop-e-boox, our stylesheet product, to learn XML through self-paced training and produce your own ebooks.

XML publishing R&D

XML publishing is our passion. We keep up with the latest standards so that our clients get the best possible product for their needs. We research the latest technology, and constantly develop new publishing processes and products. And we attend conferences and seminars on publishing and technical communication.


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STC Technical Communication Summit
STC Technical Communication Summit
18-21 May 2014
Phoenix, Arizona
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From pbooks to ebooks
XML for editors: Taming the technology, ebooks for the web
10-12 April 2013
Fremantle, Western Australia
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